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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Have You Ever Had A "Cacoethes"?

There are times when we all experience "cacoethes", in my (humble) opinion. Indeed, even the thing I have chosen to do in this particular blog post here at "Just Saying My Piece!" is, perhaps, an example of a cacoethes of sorts. 

I have decided that some of the words I have been writing about lately should probably be accompanied by at least some means of help with the pronunciation of them, since some of them are not what I would call 'readily-pronounceable' without some help, y'know?

Even this word, "cacoethes", is one which is not 'readily-pronounceable' for me, though I'm not just sure why that is. My first attempt to pronounce it would probably be something like: "kaa-ko-ee'-this" (hmmm...hopefully, that's pronounceable! - here we go!).

So, it's sometimes difficult to pick up the 'phonetics' of some words, thus, my decision to do more about pronunciation in some of these "weird word" blog posts of mine...which, as you'll (hopefully) see, is one example of what 'cacoethes' actually means.

Are You A Victim Of "Bruxism"?

It is thought that from 50 to 96 percent of all adults experience 'bruxism', and roughly 15 percent of children, as well. 

It is not necessarily life-threatening, but 'bruxism' can become otherwise problematic at times.

Are you a victim? Are you subject to the sometimes annoying, sometimes damage-causing, and most-times frustrating plight of 'bruxism'?

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Medicare - My Letter to President Obama

I am really not very impressed at some things I've learned about Medicare, including a website that could use some 'user-interface' updating, in my (humble) opinion...but that is another story.

My biggest gripe right now with Medicare is that the system does not accept any "alternative medicine" venues, leaving folks to rely only on the 'conventional' or 'traditional' medicine venues covered by the programs.

There is a lot of information available today which is rapidly growing more and more popular, within the realm of "health care"; information that tells us that 'conventional' or 'traditional' medicine is not the only thing that "works", and, in some circumstances, 'alternative' medicine is actually a better overall choice, considering all aspects of both scenarios.

Without going into too many specifics, I think we all know just how 'risky' some of 'conventional' or 'traditional' medicine can be in some situations. Suffice it to say that not all healing power lies with those methods, in my (humble) opinion.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Are Some Congressional Hearings Examples of 'Bullying'?

I have watched my share of Congressional Hearings, and I am very often shocked at some of the tactics being displayed by some of our elected officials.

Without fail, there are always some on the 'committee' with sheer hatred and disgust in their expressions; in their eyes, in their wrinkled foreheads, in their demeaning glares, and even in their finger-pointing at times.

Is this really what we should expect from our government? What about the example for children who might be watching? 

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Is The Volkswagen™ Software Thing Just One Of Many Similar Things?

Well, most likely everyone's heard about how Volkswagen™ was caught in a rather embarrassing and certainly 'shady' kind of issue with the alleged software 'cheats' designed to make some VW (diesel) vehicles appear better than they really are, when it comes to emissions tests. 

Apparently, the software somehow allows for the vehicles to pass (US) 'laboratory tests', but Nitrous Oxide (NOx) emissions are said to be about 40 times higher when driving on the road. 
Wikipedia - Volkswagen Scandal.

This issue is still 'pending', as far as the fallout and all that VW will likely face because of it, but the whole idea of using software to 'tweak' certain functionality within products is an idea that is perhaps far too tempting for companies (or "rogue employees"?) NOT to have thought about, or even to have done the same thing, y'know?

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Have You Ever Had To "Absquatulate"?

There have been times when I have had to 'absquatulate', and I suspect most folks have had to do that at times, as well. 

The need arises most unexpectedly in most cases, and it soon becomes apparent that 'absquatulation' is the only logical solution to the particular need at hand.

In certain circumstances, for one to 'absquatulate' could be considered by others as being 'rude' or 'inconsiderate' or otherwise offensive, especially if they don't understand why it is necessary to 'absquatulate' in the first place, y'know?

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Are All Politicians Just "Blatherskites"?

Let's face it, many or most of us have our own opinions about politicians in general, and there are likely a number of similarities between our collective thoughts and ideas on the topic.

Politicians have been around for a long time, and it almost seems as though many of us have become "numbed" to some of the common practices and tactics we observe and experience, most especially during election year campaigns.

I must say, I do think many politicians today are, indeed, "blatherskites", and I think this term says it all, don't you?

Do You Ever Have "Borborygmus" At The Most INopportune Times?

Sometimes, when I least expect, and when I least want "borborygmus" to occur, it happens anyway. 

Yes, that old 'borborygmus' seems to know just when I would become most displeased and most unhappy that it should decide to happen.

I often wonder if there's any way to control one's 'borborygmus', and I'm sure there are some things one can do about it, but it still seems to 'have a mind of its own', if you know what I mean.

When 'borborygmus' strikes, unfortunately, it is not easy to hide from others, either, so it becomes a sure source of embarrassment and can lead to some pretty touchy scenarios and circumstances, y'know?

Oh No! Am I Guilty of "Argle-Bargle"?

Yikes! This journey of mine into some of the 'weird words' might become problematic for me if I learn things which cause me to think some of them are describing myself in negative ways!

I found "argle-bargle" in the Oxford Dictionaries™ 'weird and wonderful words' category, and had to stop and think, for sure. It made me wonder if I might, indeed, be guilty of it in some of my blogs or other communications.

So, now I've hinted that 'argle-bargle' has something to do with communications; written, spoken, other? 

Do You Think of Yourself as "Argute"?

Are you "argute"? I like to think I am, but I know I am surely not always 'argute', I'm afraid.

Well, I might be on a roll here with the word kicks, because I find that my brain seems to like "weird words" for some reason. 

When our children were still home, we used to play various word games like Scrabble™, Boggle™, Balderdash™, and others.

Balderdash™ is a fun game that capitalizes on weird words. There's literally hundreds of cards with weird words, and the object is to try to bluff other players by creating your own definitions for the words. Of course, when they are read aloud during the game play, there's much laughter and a high level of giddiness.

So, I began looking into some more "weird words", and came across the word "argute", which is a word I seldom (if ever) hear, let alone use in conversation or written works.

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Have You Ever Been "Flummoxed"?

Sometimes, strange words pop into my mind for no apparent reason, and when that happens, I'm driven to look up the word for proper definition, because usually I don't really know what the word means when it pops up.

Recently, the word "flummoxed" popped into my brain; and, while I had a sense for what it means, I wasn't really sure, so I had to look it up. According to Google™, it means "bewildered or perplexed"...pretty much what I thought, so I lucked out on that one.

So, to be "flummoxed" means to be bewildered. Have you ever been bewildered? I know I have...far too often, quite frankly. It also means to be perplexed...and I know I've been there, too.  

I have to conclude, then, that I, personally, have definitely been "flummoxed"!  How about you?

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mental Illness - Time To Pay More Attention

Recent tragic events in Oregon have reopened other similar wounds that have not yet healed. We are experiencing too many 'out-of-the-ordinary' (to say the least) scenarios these days, and there HAS TO BE an explanation (IMhO).

Some people seem to be suffering in silence with troublesome 'mental illness' which sometimes drives them to engage in unacceptable behaviors.

While there is no 'excuse' for killing innocent people, some of the people that have carried out some of these things have shown certain signs or symptoms which could have been identified as 'needing further review', and, if that had been done, some tragedies might have been prevented. does an individual who struggles with such difficult mental or emotional hangups, or issues, or 'different-brain-wiring' go about seeking appropriate help without fear of shame, guilt, ridicule, insults, labels, or other forms of incriminating public and private negativity?

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Monday, October 5, 2015

More Mass Shootings - More Gun Control Discussions?

I watched just a small segment of (one of?) President Obama's talks after the Oregon shootings, and, of course, he was obviously shaken, and the frustration he's dealing with was very clear; in his face and his voice and his words.

When I tuned in, he happened to be talking about the need for more of some kind of gun control that helps to 'weed out' certain individuals who may demonstrate particular tendencies, attitudes (even thoughts?). 

To me, it was obvious that the President wants to tighten up on giving guns to individuals of 'known risks', and, in my (humble?) opinion, that's probably not a bad idea, but how to do that?

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