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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Wait...We're Asking Only Pro Athletes To Be Better Role Models?

Our Flag, our National Anthem, our Country, our Soil, our Air, our Water, our Wildlife, our People, our Heritage, our Trees, our Flowers, our Insects, our Food, our Supplies, our Health Care, our Safety, our Constitution; our "American Dream", our Economy, our Honor, our Integrity, our Strength, our Diplomacy, our Generosity, our Freedom, our Republic, our Brave Who Serve...and on and on and on it goes.

You'll notice I've capitalized each item, as I think each is deserving of the 'respect' that capitals help to depict and convey. I don't try to 'rate' them in priority or importance, since I believe they are all crucial to helping all of us "Make America Great Again!"

ALL of what America holds dear should be "respected" (and that word might need real scrutiny and refined definition) by all Americans, in my (humble) opinion. 

Not only those things which reflect a sense of 'symbolism' (flag, anthem, etc.), but also those things which reflect the very Culture and Spirit and Backbone and 'Ulterior Motives' and 'Honorable Goals' of every American who ever shed their Blood, Sweat, and Tears to "Make Our Country Great" in the first place.

Yes, again I capitalize.

While it is crucial that Americans have the Freedom To Choose, and Freedom To Show Respect (or not?), I believe it is also crucial that Americans know they will not be persecuted, prosecuted, or otherwise 'punished' for holding to, and expressing, Personal Rights, Beliefs and Sentiments toward "life in America", unless, of course, it causes others undue harm or danger or fear or hurt or psychological distress or suspicion or paranoia or offense or is anti-politically-correct or...or...or...


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Saturday, September 23, 2017

IS Our World Going To Hell In A Hand-Basket?

Sometimes, when we stop and think about some of the hard times and unrest and violence and suffering and despair and disease and all the rest of the 'negativity' our current world is going through, it is easy to draw some very 'negative conclusions', one of which is sometimes expressed using the fairly common phrase:
"The world is going to Hell in a hand-basket!"
If we think our current-evil-world is less than perfect, I think we can rest assured that we are right in that assessment, because we hear and see 'real-time' information about the entire world and all its troubles and woes and strains and stresses that threaten to tear us completely apart; when we really should be trying harder to become closer.

However, if we compare today's current-evil-world with what we know about how earlier humanity existed, we might want to rethink how that common phrase applies today (or doesn't), since we have made some "progress" in some arenas (IMhO).

For example...

Friday, September 15, 2017

Hey Google - You Owe Me 47 Cents!

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What a strange and puzzling saga. 

It's true...Google™, or, more precisely, Google Play™ owes me 47 cents, because they mistakenly deemed my Google Play music artist account there was "abandoned", and allegedly sent the meager revenues -- which had built up after months of 'nano-penny' music-streaming subscription fees for plays and/or downloads of some of my tracks -- to my home state's escheat system. 

Imagine that!?


OK, so I know this sounds a bit weird, and you might be wondering why I would bemoan such a small thing, or why my music artist account had only gleaned a mere 47 cents and appeared as though it had been 'abandoned' to whomever was responsible for making the decision to clean up such things in the Google Play system.

So what? It's only 47 cents! Give it up already!

Ahh..."therein lies the rub"...

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