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Are Some Congressional Hearings Examples of 'Bullying'?

 Or...maybe these hearings are really just "made for TV", and the more 'drama', the better the ratings(?). 

I don't mean to be 'sarcastic' about anything to do with the particular issues our government folks work on, but there are definitely times when I am convinced that a lot of the behaviors, the dialogue, the overdone 'emoting' are somehow choreographed and directed(?) for the best impact to the TV audience at large.

In my (humble) opinion, some of the body-language and facial expressions I observe in some of the televised hearings are eerily similar to what I would expect to observe in typical 'schoolyard bullying episodes'. 

Those with the biggest clout, the loudest voices, the largest 'numbers' behind them...attempt to intimidate, confuse, belittle, judge, besmirch, and otherwise demean whomever or whatever it is they are directing these behaviors toward.

I watched some highlights of Hillary Clinton's recent Congressional Hearings about Benghazi. The highlight video seemed to portray her as quite strong and confident, and she was even criticized of being perhaps a bit "flip", when she laughed out loud about something the Committee Member did not think was a 'funny issue'.

Overall, though, I think Hillary did well (at least from watching the highlights), and I think she'll probably get some positive 'mileage' for her campaign, too.

But...I digress a bit; although that little 'side trip' is related to this whole Congressional Hearing 'made for TV' idea, I suppose. What I watched did not impress me very much as far as how my taxpayer dollars are being spent. 

I know some of these things are 'necessary evils' of government, and there has to be some kind of systems in place to ensure as much "integrity" as possible. [I use quotation marks because I am not even sure what that even means, with regard to modern government.]

Here's hoping at some future time our Congressional Hearings might become more about resolving problems and improving on areas needing improvement, instead of finger-pointing and 'bullying' people who might be implicated in certain negative circumstances or events...often through 'no real fault' of theirs, y'know?

This is, of course, in my (humble) opinion! 
Just sayin'... 

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