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Oh No! Am I Guilty of "Argle-Bargle"?

So, it turns out that 'argle-bargle' means "copious but meaningless talk or writing".  

Yeeeesh!  That hits close to home, that's for sure! I like to think that I can communicate as well as the next blogger/writer/author/communicator, but this 'weird word' caught me off guard, and I had to examine my own practices a bit.

I had to ask myself: 'am I guilty of copious but meaningless talk or writing?' It is not a question that many communicators want to entertain too much, because no communicator wants to be guilty of 'argle-bargle', I don't think.

On the other hand, looking around some of the other Internet blogs and sites out there, I'm encouraged that 'I am not alone', if, indeed, I am guilty of 'argle-bargle'.  

There are many 'argle-bargle-filled' blogs and sites, and some of my own blogs are probably marginally close to that, but I am not going to dwell on it because it is likely just my own 'sensitivity' rearing its head, and I just need to stop thinking that way, because I don't really think most of my stuff is mere "argle-bargle"...(IS it)?

Just sayin'...

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