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Monday, November 16, 2015

Paris - City Of Love?

It is extremely difficult to think of Paris, France as the "City of Love" right now, because it is clearly anything but that, with the horrific terrorism the entire world is observing, and, in a very real way, living through it along with the people who are most closely impacted.

Nothing we can think or say or do can reverse what has been done, and nothing we can think, say, or do can guarantee nothing like this will ever happen again...

Except LOVE...the very thing Paris, France is most fondly regarded and remembered for. The very thing the world seeks guidance from Paris for. 

The very thing that 'romanticists' everywhere reflect upon when describing the power of true, positive, emotional, 'spiritual' energy at work.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Kudos To Lady Gaga - Just Saying "NO"!

Lady Gaga (real name: Stefani Germanotta) recently gave a speech at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, for what is known as the Emotion Revolution project. In her talk, she spoke of feeling her passion and creativity were 'taking a back seat', and she felt like just a 'money machine' for the industry (etc.?).

I must say, I AM impressed and even feel sorry for Lady Gaga; as she delivered her heartfelt words about her life in the 'limelight' being something she felt was 'shallow' and 'communicating lies'. She talked, too, of feeling so much better, once she began to think and care for herself, by 'putting her happiness before her career'.

At one point, apparently, Lady Gaga even considered quitting, but once she began saying "NO" to some of the things she felt might jeopardize her happiness, she decided to continue.

Does this mean we might begin to see a whole new Lady Gaga?

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Do You Typically "Degust" Your Meals?

I can't help but think that I have been guilty of "degusting" my meals, or snacks, or drinks. 

Although I don't think I degust things as a general rule, I must say there have been times.

Surely, when we degust our meals (etc.), we can often find benefit in doing so, if we are paying enough attention to things. 

The items we degust can become somewhat 'different' in some ways, since the practice lends itself to having the power to alter our opinions about some of the things we degust.

Do YOU typically degust your meals (etc.)?

Are You A "Comminatory" Individual?

I like to think that I am not too "comminatory", although it is probably not up to me to decide, since the term is one which is most likely to be used by others, perhaps in reference to me...maybe?

While I do not think of myself as 'comminatory', I must admit that there might be some things about me that others could think are representative of that. 

Sometimes we just don't know what others might think, of course...and this is one word that I hope I can avoid, at least with respect to how I might appear to others.

What about YOU? Are YOU a "comminatory" individual?

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