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Do You Ever Have "Borborygmus" At The Most INopportune Times?

The term "borborygmus" means 'a rumbling or gurgling noise from the intestines', according to the Oxford Dictionaries™. 

So, I must say, there have been too many times that 'borborygmus' has visited me at the most INopportune times! 

There have been times when 'borborygmus' has visited me in church, at work, at play, while giving a talk in front of numerous people, while instructing or helping others with various things, and myriad others.

While 'borborygmus' defines the sounds of certain 'intestinal processes', and is associated with fluids and gases moving through, it does not seem to be associated with any particular malady or disease. 

That said, 'borborygmus' might well be a symptom of some underlying ailment or issue with the digestive system, so I suppose it might be 'telling us something' when it does occur. For the most part, though, I think it might be mostly about one's diet and general eating habits.

What can be done to prevent 'borborygmus'? Hmmm...good question; probably a good idea to be sure to eat 'properly' (i.e., non-gassy, non-otherwise-'invasive' foods and drinks), and it might also help to avoid things like caffeine or other known triggers of possible digestive issues, y'know?

Just sayin'...

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