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More Mass Shootings - More Gun Control Discussions?

In an 'ideal world', there might be no need to even think about gun control, because there might not even BE any guns in a truly ideal world...a world where love has replaced its opposing sentiments completely...where all life has evolved to 'overcome' the human natures which, for centuries before (i.e., 'our time'?) once led some individuals to behave in ways that simply cannot be tolerated in a peace-seeking and 'greater-good-thinking' kind of society and civilization.


How nice it would be if there was no need at all for anyone to own any weapons intended to cause harm or death to others, wouldn't you agree? Of course, we know that is not possible today, because humanity has not yet reached the level of understanding and consciousness that gives us the capability, the 'impetus', the inner-motivation to want to share and want to live in 'peaceful co-existence'. We have not yet learned how to 'overcome' the things that might get in our way of being capable of that kind of existence, I believe.

Not too long ago, the President also talked about the need for more love in America (and elsewhere). He mentioned then that our people needed to 'feel more love'...from parents, teachers, communities, police, politicians, and more.

Then, when Pope Francis visited America, he and the President reiterated over and over how much they yearned for more settled conditions through peaceful and loving measures, rather than through more wars and violence and death and destruction.

I don't know who can argue with that kind of hopefulness...that kind of 'wishful thinking'. And, I believe it is also the real answer to the problems facing us even now, even the senseless shootings and other behaviors that some individuals gravitate to, y'know?
IMhO that is.
Just sayin'...

President Obama - Talks About Love?
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