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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Eight Billionaires Own More Than 3.6 Billion Poorest People?

Well, it's out there. The data has been collected and analyzed, and it turns out it is apparently True (yes, with a capital "T") that just eight (8) of the world's wealthiest people actually have more collective worth than three billion, six hundred million of the poorest people on the planet. This means that the 3.6 Billion poorest people own the equivalent of less than $120 each. 

That's right...
$426B / 3.6B = $118.33 
per person.
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 I hardly know what else to say. I can't begin to try understanding it all, because it goes against so much of what I (personally) hold as 'near and dear', regarding things like "haves and have nots", and how skewed things seem to be these days.

So, is this "fair"? Is this "equitable"? Are our economic systems and governing rules somehow that far out of touch with real world issues and problems, to allow things to become so 'broken', where so many are (seemingly) 'ignored' and are given few "breaks", while so few are (seemingly) 'pampered' and are given more "breaks" than the 'little-people'?

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fake News? What About Fake Everything?

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Well, we've been hearing a lot lately about "fake news", haven't we? I mean, Facebook™ and other big-influence entities have sworn to fight fake news, to the point they are (seemingly) willing to work at banning it altogether, thereby also giving up any ad-revenues those things might draw in.

I am certainly in favor of getting rid of what I perceive as "fake news"; those sidebar ads that have those "shocking" headlines designed to draw in "clickers", which, of course, pays ad-revenue. 

Somehow, it seems a lot like "sucker-bait"; ok, I guess I must be a 'sucker', right? Me, and a whole lot of other folks.

But, there's much more to this whole idea of "fakeness", in my (humble) opinion. I think we're living in a time (and culture/society) in which we've become so wrapped up in "fakeness" in so many venues and on so many levels...that we're spinning out of control, y'know?


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I Must Admit I Was Wrong About Donald Trump!

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Yes, it's true. I was wrong about Donald Trump. If you've been following some of my posts, you'll know that I have said that I did not really believe The Donald actually, really and truly wanted to be our 45th President; but I thought he was mostly just trying to "stir up the pot" re: 'politics-as-usual'...which, of course, he did manage to do, and quite well, too, I think.

So, here we are, Donald has won the election (I think he was even surprised at that) through the Electoral system, even though Hillary Clinton (allegedly) won the popular vote...and, we know it is even now being challenged, and a recount(?)...dunno if such a thing is even possible these days.

So, how did I get it wrong?

Monday, October 10, 2016

Donald Trump: Why Not Smile More?

After watching (videos of) numerous events of Donald Trump, including the first two Presidential debates, I've noticed his facial "pouting" might be a pretty big downer with regard to his overall public persona.

I know he's probably especially tense and anxious during the debates, as he listens to Hillary Clinton answer questions. It's pretty clear he's biding his time...working hard not to interrupt (which is good)...and his facial expression (that pout) doesn't make him look very friendly, in my (humble) opinion.

So...Why not smile more, Mr. Trump?

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Friday, September 9, 2016


It's utterly unbelievable, in my (humble) opinion, what kind of things had been going on within Wells Fargo. 

Reading some of the news bits and hearing or watching about it on news broadcasts (radio, TV, Internet) is like reading or hearing or watching the script for a 'made-for-entertainment-drama'; 
Rating: X-FACTO (for "eXtremely outrageous FACTual cOntent"). 

Hold on a minute...this is not fiction, so it must be taken seriously, right? 

Are we almost there yet?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Just What IS "Morality", Really?

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I recently read an article about a teenage female (18, I believe) high-school student who was (allegedly) told by school authorities that she needed to put on a bra (or otherwise cover up?), as she (allegedly) had decided not to wear one on a particular day at school.

According to the article, a male teacher had reportedly complained that the student's attire (i.e., 'lack of' bra?) made him "uncomfortable". 

The student stood her ground, saying she had not violated any dress codes, and the school authorities held their position as well. 

But it seems to be blossoming into something I think we all are going to have to deal with regarding "morality", and how issues such as this one have a 'ripple-effect' on society at large. are going to have to look at our collective selves in our mirrors and ask:

Just what IS "morality" really?

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Hillary, Dillary, They're Building The Stocks And Pillory!

Well, we've heard the news. FBI decides not to charge or prosecute Hillary Clinton. I actually watched a good piece of a video of the FBI Director (Comey) giving his best shot at defending the agency's work and ultimate conclusion/decision, even though he was somewhat 'badgered' by a few (GOP) who clearly disagree with the outcome.

Director Comey, in my (humble) opinion, held his own quite well, and exhibited an assurance and confidence that his agency (et al.) did the right thing.

Yet...there is still 'more to follow'...more questions, perhaps more committees to delve deeper into some of the 'nitty-gritty'; with focus, of course, on seeking "Justice" and demonstrating (as best possible) that our Justice System is impartial, equitable, fair, and all the other 'balances' which are imperative in True Justice.

It appears they (whoever "they" are) are getting ready to build the "stocks and pillory", dear Hillary...