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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Senator Elizabeth Warren - Kudos On "Rigged Justice 2016"

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Senator Elizabeth Warren, an outspoken Massachusetts Democrat, released "Rigged Justice 2016" in January, a report which describes 20 scenarios where 'True Justice' has been ill-represented through high powered, questionable, and blatantly manipulated methods.

Because of this, the shady and devious practices that were rampant leading up to the 2008 (etc.) economic debacle by banks and others 'riding the wave' of a bursting economic 'bubble' have not resulted in anyone being held accountable.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Panama Papers Promise Powerful Possibilities?

The "Panama Papers" news reports are beginning to shake some things I believe might well become larger, and rather 'enlightening' to an otherwise unsuspecting (or ignorant?) world at large.

In my (humble) opinion, we will likely learn of some things from future reports that will astound us, and will ultimately lead to some potentially ugly circumstances and 'finger-pointing', and more. 

Already, we're seeing some of the reactions of some citizens of countries where impact has already struck.

How will we deal with it?


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