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Have You Ever Been "Flummoxed"?

The word "flummoxed", according to Google™, originated some time in the 19th century, possibly a dialectical version of "flummock", which means "to make untidy, confuse". 

So, to "flummock" something is to cause it to become less than organized and rather un-neat. I suppose that fits quite well with the other version, "flummox", no?  

In a nutshell, then, we can "flummock" someone by creating an 'untidy, confusing scenario'; which will cause them to become "flummoxed", as they attempt to understand what we have created.

Makes perfect sense I am no longer "flummoxed" about the meaning of this word, and if/when it pops into my feeble brain again, I just might not be quite as "flummoxed" as I was before the word came to me and I had to look into it, y'know?

Just sayin'...

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