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Do You Think of Yourself as "Argute"?

The word "argute", according to Oxford Dictionaries™  means "shrewd".

So, to be argute means to be shrewd, or perhaps somewhat 'mischievous' or 'cunning' in some things.   

Argute is a rare term from the late 16th century, taken from Latin 'argutus', which means 'made clear, proved, accused'. 

This is a bit of a stretch, it seems, but I guess there's some relationship between being shrewd (argute) and having things 'made clear' (etc.). 

Maybe those who were considered argute were, indeed, those who were most likely to demand clarity, proof, certainty, and similar 'shrewdness' in their lives, y'know?

I would like to think that I am "argute" in most things, although I know there are things I am not very 'shrewd' about. 

What about you? Are you 'argute'?

Just sayin'...  

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