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Monday, September 22, 2014

Is God's popularity waning in the world?

I think it is safe to say that God's popularity is waning, although I do not have statistics to back up that opinion. 

It just seems as though some of the major religions are struggling to keep 'members'; some churches in some areas have closed, or sold properties; and more. 

It might be that more people are seeking a more "personal" relationship with God, rather than a relationship through others...perhaps that's as it should be.

Is "political correctness" replacing the truth?

Sometimes, I get the feeling our culture and society is really twisting things up. 

We seem to be more interested in "political correctness" than in the Truth (with a capital "T"). 

Who are we kidding?

Only my (humble) opinion. 

I think we've lost sense of reality, or something...because "political correctness" is not sustainable, y'know?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Woe unto us...hypocrites!

I believe many of us need to look in our mirrors, to see who we really are. Are WE teaching our kids to bully each other by demonstrating similar behaviors ourselves? Are WE trying to tell them one thing, then DOING the opposite ourselves, giving them completely mixed and confused signals? Woe unto us...hypocrites!

Religion Or Spirituality?

Religion and Spirituality do not necessarily go 'hand-in-hand', in my (humble) opinion. A person can be the most "religious" zealot who follows all the 'rules' of a given dogma or doctrine, but without a "Spiritual" understanding, those 'rules' become less meaningful, I believe. Religion is the 'institution', the 'structure'...while Spirituality is the 'emotion', the 'feeling'.

Is society in decline in the world?

Societies around the globe are struggling with a variety of issues, including some of the most horrific and ugly human behaviors that are difficult to comprehend on any level. Nothing seems to be stable, greed and corruption are rampant, hatred, discrimination, bullying...and on it goes. Yes, I would say that society is in decline...wouldn't you?

How did God create the world in six days?

This is a pretty tough question, because nobody really knows for sure exactly how long it did take for our planet to 'evolve'. 

But, in my (humble) opinion, our Creator (God?) was not in any great 'hurry', because we know our planet has orbited our sun over 4.5 billion times before humanity began to measure things like this, y'know?

Earn money online - any hints and tips?

Yes, you CAN earn money online! In fact, there are many ways to earn money online. This article outlines mostly 'freelance' opportunities, like writing articles (and other written content), providing graphic designs, web sites, presentations, original music and jingles, and more. While most of the things discussed are not "get rich quick" schemes, there are numerous tips and hints for learning some of the ways to create "Income Streams".

Does religion help make a better world?

Religions have been part of the human experience for a very long time, and, in my (humble) opinion, religions have helped, in an overall sense, to "guide" humanity's journey in positive spite of the 'ugliness' and outright 'horror' of some of the practices carried out by some, in the name of "religion". If humanity had evolved completely without any 'religious teachings', I hardly know what our world might be like, but my guess is that "human-nature" all by itself (i.e., without that "religious guidance") would not have fared nearly as well as we have, thus far. Going forward, I'm not sure "religions" (per se) will survive the challenges relating to how all humanity can finally "get together" and "agree to disagree" and otherwise learn to 'tolerate' one another in better ways than what we have seen of late.

Does it matter how society evolves, with or without God?

Our society, our world, our very 'future-existence' might well depend on how we collectively embrace the concept of a 'benevolent, caring, loving Creator', in my (humble) opinion. 

Many names exist for what I learned to call "GOD", and I am convinced that GOD, the Creator, really doesn't care what we use for names, as long as we acknowledge and strive to know and understand our ultimate 'purpose' for being here...with regard to the overall "Big Picture". 

Going forward, if we deny and denounce the "forces" responsible for our very existence, I believe we will not fare very well, y'know?

Can rescuing a trapped kitten be a spiritual experience?

Yes, I believe rescuing a trapped kitten can be a very spiritual experience

Of course, it really depends on how one 'relates' to kittens and to other animals and all life-forms we share our planet with; but anyone with even a tiny bit of 'emotional understanding' (for want of a better description) will certainly learn and grow and benefit in many ways, if they ever have the opportunity to experience this.

It comes with such miraculous sensations as 'unconditional love', utter adoration, sheer gratitude, and other similarly genuine emotions, brought about when an innocent, tiny kitten looks questioningly into your eyes and snuggles into your warmth and begins to purr. 

The feeling of 'reward' has to be similar to the positive emotions people receive when engaged in helping other people in need, at least to some degree.

But spiritual? Oh, yes!

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Can Creation and Evolution co-exist?

Creation and Evolution are probably two of the most debated topics out there, or at least they're popular with certain segments of our culture, as we all wonder how we came to be. 

In my (humble) opinion, Creation and Evolution CAN and DO co-exist in a harmonious, synergistic way that brings about everything we know of...and it continues to "evolve", because that is the way it is 'designed'. 
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I like to say: "Of course I believe in Evolution...after all, God designed things that way!"