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Have You Ever Had To "Absquatulate"?

So...the term "absquatulate" is a verb, which means "to leave abruptly". 

The word 'absquatulate' is a mid-19th century word-blend taken from three other terms: "ABScond", "SQUATtle", and "perambULATE". 

Surely, we've all had to 'absquatulate' at times; when we're visiting friends and one of the kids gets violently ill; or when we're at work and receive an urgent call to visit a project location; or when we're out playing golf and 'nature calls loudly'. 

And of course there are many more reasons we might need to 'absquatulate' certain events or premises. Hopefully, anyone present who might feel 'offended' will understand when things are explained, y'know?

Just sayin'...

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