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Are You A Victim Of "Bruxism"?

So...ARE you a victim? Do you 'grind your teeth'? That's what 'bruxism' means, and it affects a lot of people, according to The Massachusetts Dental Society's web page.

Bruxism is thought to be caused mostly by stress, although some other causes like missing or broken teeth, 'overbite', and other oral issues can also be part of it. In any case, bruxism can cause real damage to teeth, if not remedied or controlled.

One of the ironies about bruxism is that it usually occurs only during sleep, and some people are not even aware they grind their teeth when asleep. Sometimes, it's only the dentist or other oral health professional who notices a bruxism-victim's teeth becoming worn down.

Dealing with everyday stress can often alleviate the dilemma of being a victim of bruxism, although it is not always caused only by that; so it might also be important to consider wearing some of the mouth-appliances designed to help with bruxism...if you are a victim.

Mouth-guards can help, as they keep the teeth separated, and any 'bruxism' (teeth-grinding) actions will not continue to wear down the teeth, at least; even if the appliance cannot do much to actually help end the practice of grinding one's teeth.

I guess we all need to just 'slow down a bit' so we can perhaps live with less stress, and maybe stop being victims of 'bruxism' altogether, y'know?

Just sayin'...

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