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Medicare - My Letter to President Obama

Alternative medicine is becoming a very real, very promising, very effective facet within the "health care" world, and, I believe it needs to be included in all Medicare programs so beneficiaries can retain (perhaps 'recall'?) personal control of their own health and well-being.

So, I composed a letter and sent one to each of my Senators, and another (shorter version) to President Obama. I had to edit the letter to fit the limits of the site-editor for communicating with the President.

My letter is intended to promote something I firmly believe in; not only for myself and my family, but for all Americans (upwards of 50 million) who rely on the Medicare system.

Here, then, is a copy of the 'condensed version' I sent to the President. 

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"Dear President Obama:

I am writing about an issue I believe needs urgent attention by those of you in positions of power to make our government programs more effective, efficient, and more widely accepted and appreciated by the many who rely on them.

I refer to Medicare and the various agencies, institutions, industries, and other entities wrapped up in the whole scenario that is a Senior's worst nightmare (IMhO).

When it comes to the "alternative" medical practices and institutions, the Medicare system is virtually "blind" to any benefits or helpful healing measures which might be available through these. People who might benefit and be healed are left to "take what they're given" within the 'Medicare-approved-only' world, instead of being allowed free choice of how to manage their own health and well-being.

Is it a matter of not wanting to entangle Big Pharma with 'God's Pharmacy'? Is someone afraid there is Truth (with a capital "T") in much of what the 'alternative-medicine' research and experience is demonstrating? Is it because our own government agencies are not willing to listen to anybody but those who are in the 'approved circles'? 

It is a sad statement, how our 'greater-good' philosophical political-correctness seem to routinely point to 'love of money' and not to truly greater-good measures and methods. It is NOT difficult to go with the 'conspiracy theories' that point to very sinister 'greater-NOT-SO-GOOD' things that might be going on "in the background". Meanwhile, patients are 'locked' into a system that denies them freedom of individual healthcare choices.

The time has come for alternative medicine to be included in the mix of viable healthcare measures to be covered by government sponsored, taxpayer funded programs(Medicare, etc.). Freedom of choice is paramount for ANYONE's successful healing, and MUST be part of healing and healthcare measures, in order to be truly effective and be far more appreciated and far more efficient, far more 'believable' when more and more people become healthier and need less healthcare, y'know?

I am pleading with you to push this issue wherever you can, so American (Medicare) healthcare can become more 'pallatable' and more acceptable and, of course, far more beneficial to the actual patients (IMhO)...but isn't that what it's supposed to be all about?

Thanks for listening."

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