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My Music Page

Welcome to my music page! Here, I am posting some links to some of the various places I've uploaded my home-grown music creations.

My music, I have decided, "is what it is". Most of the tracks are from some of my 'archives'; my analog reel-to-reel tapes, and some cassettes I'd recorded on, at home, with fairly 'basic' equipment.

Once the Internet opened up opportunities for 'hacker/composers' like me, I decided to share some of what I'd created over the years. 

I've been listening to the old tapes, selecting tracks I like, converting them to digital through my Boss8™ mixer/recorder and a CD recording unit, then editing them in Audacity™ free editing software.

Anyway, that's the "story" (and I'm stickin' to it!)...for what it's worth. Hopefully, some of my music might be of interest to some folks. Or not...again, "it is what it is", right?

Just sayin'...
Here are several (more) of
where I attempt to express 
some of my 'rants and raves' 
regarding various subtleties of life.

Here's some widgets and links to some of my music upload sites, where you can listen (stream) for free at some sites, and can buy tracks at other sites, if you wish to.

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