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Mental Illness - Time To Pay More Attention

Yes, it is about time we learn how to understand each other a bit better, isn't it? After all, we're "all in this together", and we truly do need each other for help and support...not for hatred, or finger-pointing, criticisms, insults or other negativity (IMhO).

Too many times we hear of people (often young people) committing suicide who have been mercilessly bullied by others. We might wonder which of the 'sides' deals with the biggest 'mental disorder', but it is likely both sides have them, since bullying behavior is a 'dysfunction' on some level, as is the inability to deal with bullies or to cope with their behaviors, yes?

Likewise, in many similar scenarios, I'm sure. Because we are truly different from each other, there might not be a true "normal", except that which is deemed 'appropriate' by a majority of people, I guess. 

Does that mean anyone who is "wired differently" or otherwise 'different' - whether from traumatic experiences or from genetics or from other sources - should be ostracized or otherwise 'cast out' of society? Isn't that somewhat like "elitism", where those who 'think they're better' toss out those they don't think are as good?

Surely, there has to be certain proactive measures in place to thwart any really serious mentally challenged behaviors from causing injury or other harm to others. 

But, in my (humble) opinion, the measures need to be well thought through for how they might impact individuals who might be dealing with certain issues, with regard to how readily they will seek help in healing and overcoming whatever is behind the illness or disorder or dysfunction...or whatever we decide to call it. 

Because as long as we continue to apply labels, call names, point fingers and otherwise demean, bully or attempt to insult those who deal with some of these things, we will likely continue to see more of the same, y'know?

Just sayin'...   


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