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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How To Speak 'Cachilote' Language

Huh? What's that? 


What is that?

I'm sure most people have never heard of the Cachilote Language; Google doesn't even seem to know about it! 

When I was quite young, my older sister and her boyfriend (later husband) used to carry on conversations that nobody could understand. Truly!

Especially us younger siblings, of course...which was the whole purpose of it anyway, as we could have guessed.

The mysterious Cachilote Language!

I'm not 100% certain of the spelling of the word, since I can't find anything that even resembles it, at least as being associated with any language. 

After trying a few spelling variants, I found some references to somebody's sailing boat in the Galapagos Islands, and some information about a sperm whale, and something about a bird from Argentina; but nothing makes any reference to any languages. 

The word is pronounced "catch-i-lo-tee", and it apparently means nothing at all, at least as it might relate to language. 

Could it be that my sister and her boyfriend concocted the whole thing just to keep us snotty little kids at bay? 

They were clever enough, so they could have come up with such a scenario.

So what is it? And, how is it used?