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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What is Time?

Time is a mysterious phenomenon.  Time represents a measurement of "decay" to those who experience it here on Earth.  Elsewhere in the Universe, time also passes, but it is silly to measure that time by the number of times Earth has circled our Sun, isn't it?

If we think of time in only our own Earth terms, we limit ourselves to think in years, months, weeks, days, seasons, etc.  And, as such, we cannot really quite fathom just how time plays a part in the overall grand scheme of things, can we?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What is the real meaning of Christmas?

Well, this is not a new question by any means, and many others have provided meaningful and profound answers before me.  So, I do not pretend that anything I say here will be anything so 'different' from what others might have already said.

To me, Christmas is the time of year when people should be thinking of Jesus (the 'Christ'), and what He did, what He taught, how He lived.  Not that we should NOT be thinking about this at other times, just that Christmas can provide a time for reflection and renewal, I think.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Family reunions and amusement parks are similar?

So, where does this question come from?  Actually, it's something that was posed as a question at Spring.Me, and I liked the topic.  The question wasn't worded the way I've worded it here, but it was similar.

Since I come from a large family, our family reunions can be pretty big and loud and active.  Some folks play volleyball, others play horseshoes, and others engage in a variety of things to enjoy the experience.  Obviously, there's lots of excitement and fun.

Hey, there's lots of excitement and fun at amusement parks, too, right?  Hmmm...

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Should Hollywood be making films about assassinations of World Leaders?

Hoo-boy!  This whole hack on Sony™ has a lot of folks upset...on all sides of the issue.  Americans (many, if not most) don't think the movie should have been pulled by Sony™, because that makes it look as though America has 'backed-down' from threats from 'terrorists' (et al.).

Of course, it really all just depends on which angle we're looking at the issue from, I would surmise.  I am not sure what Americans might think if another (enemy) country made their own version of a movie which depicted a satirical, comedic story line on assassinating President Obama.

I know some of America's 'enemies' blatantly and routinely do things which depict their obvious dislike for America within their own culture, and I must say that it "offends" me at times...simply because I know their views of my country are completely inaccurate and 'unfair'.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

What is consciousness?

Consciousness is another mystery we are really only beginning to understand, I believe.  I think there is a 'consciousness spectrum', which includes the very lowest level of consciousness up to the very highest level.

Technology has not yet been invented that can detect or measure consciousness levels, as far as I know; but many spiritual leaders attest to 'proving' various levels through meditation and other means.

The mystery is deeply rooted in everything around us, I think.  All things vibrate in frequencies dictated and determined by the Natural Laws that govern how things that 'consciousness'?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

How to get a trillion dollars!

OK, this is NOT really about how to actually acquire a trillion dollars, mostly because I don't really know how to do that.  This article is about understanding just what a trillion (as a number) represents, whether in dollars or in something else.

Most of us will never actually grasp the true meaning of a trillion, simply because it is not something we encounter in a general sense, unless we're talking about how many grains of sand are on the beach, or how many plankton live in the sea, or how many stars exist in our Universe.  

And, we generally think and talk about a trillion in pretty vague and abstract terms, don't we?

So, how DO we get a trillion dollars?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Will genetic engineering be part of how humans evolve?

Surely, genetic engineering will affect future generations, depending on how it is done, and on what organisms/life-forms.  Already, we're making genetic modifications to many food crops, including even some fish...all in an effort to enhance food production to feed an ever-more-crowded planet.

Whatever genetic engineering is performed on foods will undoubtedly have at least SOME effect on human beings who consume those foods, and will likely influence evolution, going forward.  Hard to say just how, but I believe it will have bearing on our future, now that it is becoming main-stream practice on a global scale.

What changes will happen in the world in the next 1000 years?

OK, looking ahead 1000 years is not easy.  I doubt anyone living in 1014 had any inkling about some things we have or do today.  Oh, sure, some folks could have made up some kind of fantastic 'fairy-tale' that might amuse children or anyone else gullible enough to believe any of it; and perhaps some even could have speculated pretty accurately about some things, but not most.

In 1000 years (if Earth still exists), I believe tremendous growth in intelligence and wisdom will flourish, and I believe humanity will evolve and grow toward much less conflict and war, and much more acceptance, sharing, and love.  Of course, MUCH MORE will change!

What can Nature tell us about God?

I believe Nature is a perfect example of our Creator's wisdom and sheer wonderment, in every aspect.  Even in some of the 'not-so-welcome' experiences which Mother Nature sometimes throws at us; after all, the planet itself is a 'living organism' and is constantly tweaking and adjusting and otherwise making sure that all systems are functioning at their peak performance, or at least as much as possible.

Whether we call our Creator "God" or another name doesn't really matter, I don't think.  I believe what matters is that we acknowledge a "Higher Power", "Greater Wisdom", or "Intelligent Designer" (etc.).  We say that "God is Love", and I believe that is the Simple Truth.  It is Love which has brought us into existence...and it is Love which will be the ultimate answer to all our 'miseries', if we learn how to let its power work within us and among us.

Today I could have made millions!

It's true! least that's what some of my e-mails tell me.

You know, the ones that say I'm the recipient, or beneficiary, or other type of "lucky-dog" that has just "won the opportunity of a lifetime".

Sometimes, these e-mails go directly into my "Spam" folder, but I still see them in the list, with their subject lines that try to tease me into opening up the e-mail, then following whatever convoluted instructions are given inside.

Well, lucky for me, I'm not that gullible.  I simply "Delete" those, but it's often interesting to think about the idea of 'what if I actually did follow up with some of these, what would happen?'

I know I'd likely get snared into some sort of scammy trap that would want my first-born child AND all my money, goods, and property as well.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thanking our soldiers, praying for peace!

The men and women engaged in carrying out "warfare" (in its various forms) across the world for the protection of Americans and the American "freedoms" certainly deserve heartfelt thanks and praise and honor for their service, their sacrifices, their emotional, physical (and other) scars borne of untold horrors of real warfare.

Too many lives lost, too many injuries, too many scars; too few thanks, too little ongoing support, too minimal compensation for what these folks have endured for our sake. We must do more...we must commit to reducing the need for warfare...we must pray for and practice peace!  IMhO, that is.

Is preventing another Newtown, CT tragedy about gun control?

Gun control will not eliminate potential for future scenarios similar to the Newtown, CT "Sandy Hook" shootings that the world was shocked with on that fateful December day in 2012. I think we know that, but 'something' had to (and probably still HAS TO) be done to help soothe some of the hurt and anger and other social maladies which present themselves in such situations, and "gun control" being a fairly 'hot-topic' in many political and activist circles, perhaps many things simply 'came together' to help governments (Federal/State) do a little more of what they seemingly would like to do anyway...that is, cut down on at least SOME of the heavy-duty fire-power that was (is?) in the hands of perhaps way too many individuals who have not been carefully "checked out" by whoever is qualified to do the checking.

So, that being said, what WILL help prevent another Newtown, CT tragedy? Gun control might help to a degree, if done right, but I think there are some way more important facets of our society and culture that might need to be reviewed, as well. For one thing, I believe our children are 'screaming out' for love and affection, which they cannot get from day-care or other school venues. They need parental love and affection, attention to needs (physical, emotional, and otherwise)...don't you agree?

Is it "OK" for Armed Forces recruiting tactics to promote and glorify war and violence?

I think most people might take some exception with some of the tactics used by some Armed Forces recruiting folks who sometimes 'coerce' or otherwise attempt to influence 'impressionable and vulnerable youths' toward considering a career in a 'voluntary' military force (Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard, other).

Granted, our country needs a strong and able military force to help ensure social order and protection from any who might wish to cause harm to us, and surely we want our military forces to have opportunity to communicate with potential new recruits, but at what age should children be introduced to the realities of what a military force is truly all about?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Is God's popularity waning in the world?

I think it is safe to say that God's popularity is waning, although I do not have statistics to back up that opinion. 

It just seems as though some of the major religions are struggling to keep 'members'; some churches in some areas have closed, or sold properties; and more. 

It might be that more people are seeking a more "personal" relationship with God, rather than a relationship through others...perhaps that's as it should be.

Is "political correctness" replacing the truth?

Sometimes, I get the feeling our culture and society is really twisting things up. 

We seem to be more interested in "political correctness" than in the Truth (with a capital "T"). 

Who are we kidding?

Only my (humble) opinion. 

I think we've lost sense of reality, or something...because "political correctness" is not sustainable, y'know?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Woe unto us...hypocrites!

I believe many of us need to look in our mirrors, to see who we really are. Are WE teaching our kids to bully each other by demonstrating similar behaviors ourselves? Are WE trying to tell them one thing, then DOING the opposite ourselves, giving them completely mixed and confused signals? Woe unto us...hypocrites!