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Monday, May 30, 2016

Donald Trump: My Open Letter To The Soul Inside The Man

Dear Donald Trump...

I write this "open letter" to you, in hopes of it reaching your consciousness through whatever forces and powers are at work in our Universe that manage such things.

I am both excited and disappointed with the current "Trump platform", mainly because I do believe you speak many Truths (with capital "T") regarding such things as our broken system(s): i.e., 'politics-as-usual', current political cronyisms, deceptions, 'riggings', corruption, and the like.

And, I do believe you genuinely want to help "fix" America, as you've alluded to in some of your interviews, etc. And, I also believe you have many qualifications which likely give you capabilities that could help make some of the things plaguing America far better than they are today.

But...(there's always a 'but', right?)...

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lady Justice Weeps

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Sometimes we have to stop and take stock of where we are with regard to our overall sense of fairness, equity, impartiality, and other components we collectively associate with the concept of Justice. 

I use a capital "J" because I believe the term represents one of those things which deserves as much respect as I can give it, since I generally hold to the principle that True Justice (with capital "T" and capital "J") is something that comes from the same 'forces' responsible for all of existence; whether we call that God (through various names), or Nature, or something else. 

In my (humble) opinion, True Justice is really only possible in a society or culture that collectively agrees on its underlying fundamental principles, origins, and other bases.

Such a society/culture must also be capable of carrying out fair, equitable, impartial implementation of that collective agreement, for purposes of maintaining a manageable measure of 'peaceful-coexistence' among members of social and cultural groups. 

These days, I perceive that Lady Justice might be weeping, because of some of the things she is aware of that do not represent what she has, for so very long, represented...and I think she is very sad, indeed. 

Why should Lady Justice weep?