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Friday, July 8, 2016

Hillary, Dillary, They're Building The Stocks And Pillory!

Well, we've heard the news. FBI decides not to charge or prosecute Hillary Clinton. I actually watched a good piece of a video of the FBI Director (Comey) giving his best shot at defending the agency's work and ultimate conclusion/decision, even though he was somewhat 'badgered' by a few (GOP) who clearly disagree with the outcome.

Director Comey, in my (humble) opinion, held his own quite well, and exhibited an assurance and confidence that his agency (et al.) did the right thing.

Yet...there is still 'more to follow'...more questions, perhaps more committees to delve deeper into some of the 'nitty-gritty'; with focus, of course, on seeking "Justice" and demonstrating (as best possible) that our Justice System is impartial, equitable, fair, and all the other 'balances' which are imperative in True Justice.

It appears they (whoever "they" are) are getting ready to build the "stocks and pillory", dear Hillary...