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Have You Ever Had A "Cacoethes"?

OK, so here we are, about to understand what 'cacoethes' means, and also why I think the word reflects what I am doing with regard to pronunciation assistance in some of these "weird words" I'm finding fascinating enough to write about.

A 'cacoethes' is defined as "an irresistible urge to do something inadvisable".  Hmmm...yes, I do believe I have previously had 'cacoethes' (not sure how to pluralize it, but probably should) in my experiences. 

Have you? Surely, most, if not all of us have experienced 'cacoethes' at times. 

-Perhaps that time you decided to drive faster than you knew you should be driving, but you were 'in a hurry', so you did it anyway? 
-Or, maybe the time you 'flirted' with that cute chick/guy who was (seemingly? maybe? hopefully?) also 'flirting' back?
-Or, what about the 'prank' you pulled on your BFF when you scared him/her by jumping from behind the door when he/she walked into the room?

Right! Me too! I think we've all pretty much "been there, done that", right? It's not necessarily always a bad thing, but it could sometimes lead to awkward or otherwise challenging circumstances, I guess.

So, why do I think this blog post is one example of 'cacoethes'? I guess it's because my decision to include pronunciation help with some of the "weird words" I choose to write about could lead to even more lengthy posts, and maybe even more potential for 'argle-bargle', y'know?

Up to now, of course, I have not divulged the "official" pronunciation for 'cacoethes', and therein might lie some of what I mean by this post being one example of the term. 

Here, then, is the "official" pronunciation for 'cacoethes', according to Oxford Dictionaries' website


OK? So does that help more than what I gave earlier ("kaa-ko-ee'-this")? I can't say I truly know what an upside-down-letter "e" sounds like without researching that. And, I don't know why the TH is capitalized, and, when I listened to their sound-clip (provided at their site) of how it is supposed to be spoken, the accent (') is not on the syllable shown above, but sounds like it is placed on the "we" syllable.'s hoping I can keep my 'cacoethes' (again, how to pluralize?) under control so I don't get completely carried away!
Just sayin'...


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