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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I Must Admit I Was Wrong About Donald Trump!

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Yes, it's true. I was wrong about Donald Trump. If you've been following some of my posts, you'll know that I have said that I did not really believe The Donald actually, really and truly wanted to be our 45th President; but I thought he was mostly just trying to "stir up the pot" re: 'politics-as-usual'...which, of course, he did manage to do, and quite well, too, I think.

So, here we are, Donald has won the election (I think he was even surprised at that) through the Electoral system, even though Hillary Clinton (allegedly) won the popular vote...and, we know it is even now being challenged, and a recount(?)...dunno if such a thing is even possible these days.

So, how did I get it wrong?