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Wait...We're Asking Only Pro Athletes To Be Better Role Models?

If we are really asking Pro Athletes to be "better role models", I think we will have to look at a lot of other "role models" out there and ask some pretty tough questions as to what kinds of "models" they are projecting and encouraging; and, consequently, teaching to millions of our often very young children.

I don't think I need to create any lists of "Who's Who" in the 'role-model' arena; they're all out there, freely distributing, and many are significantly "profiting" from their particular "role-model-personas", along with any particular 'marketable wares' they might have; to unsuspecting, innocent, vulnerable, impressionable, and, unfortunately, largely unprotected children.

But, it has to include US, too, I think. Shame on us adults for letting any of them teach our children things we parents/adults would never teach them, because WE are 'perfect role-models', right?...or would we?

I guess we would, since we are the ones who are actually 'allowing it', right? 

WE, as parents, as adults, allow our children to access the 'wares' being pushed by the 'role-models' our children idolize and worship...any of them...even US. 

WE give them the permission to hear, watch, and otherwise engage in things that teach some very ugly and sinister and outright 'dark' attitudes, emotions, and general views toward many aspects of life...not only regarding our Flag, or our National Anthem, or other American symbolism.

And, of course, it's not just those 'role-models' in certain industries or venues (music, movies, videos, games, etc.); it is also those 'role-models' in various other "positions of influence", including Corporations, Politicians, and pretty much ALL OF US, no?

I often wonder why it has to be that the most marketable items some current 'role-models' are exhibiting and distributing seem to be the things that are the most 'dark', the most 'evil', the most 'bizarre', the most 'in-your-face', the most 'raunchy', the most 'brazen', the most 'violent', the most 'bloody', the most 'criminal'...etc., etc., etc.

Why, I wonder, don't we demand more? Why don't we accept for ourselves, and allow our children only things which reflect and represent the most 'right', the most 'good', the most 'wholesome', the most 'honest', the most 'sure', the most 'decent', the most 'humble', the most 'peaceful', the most 'loving', the most 'greater-good'...etc., etc., etc.???

Perhaps it is time to look at ALL "role-models" (including US) that WE have given permission to teach our children some of life's most important, fundamental attitudes and sentiments. But, I do NOT see how we can blame the "role-models", when it is WE who have allowed it, and likely will continue to allow it; simply by giving our children the ability to access some of their 'wares'.

It's gotta be a "level playing field", right? Shouldn't we be asking ALL 'role-models' to do better...including ourselves?

Yep...prob'ly need another look in MY mirror, for sure!

Just sayin'...

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