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IS Our World Going To Hell In A Hand-Basket?

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So, if we think "the world is going to Hell in a hand-basket", surely there are plenty of supportive facts and figures to back up that sentiment, with all that is going on.

I won't try to list everything we know of that could support that, but "from the top of my head", I can easily think of several MAJOR situations and circumstances in today's world that fit, as follows:
  • Terrorism - An elusive global threat; might come from myriad sources.
  • Wars - Widespread global engagements.
  • Nuclear Arms - "Rogue Nations" deemed global threats.
  • Clear and obvious hatred between various people. 
  • Unchecked, untreated diseases and suffering in poorest areas.
That's just a "short list", of course. I said I couldn't list everything, so I didn't try. I think we can agree there are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of other things currently going on which could also fit the list and the 'sentiment' of:
"The world is going to Hell in a hand-basket!"
But...hold on...let's take a few deep breaths and let's have a look at some of the "progress" we've made with regard to overall world relations, relationships, and other factors that play crucially upon our feelings and beliefs and sentiments toward our world in general.

Here's a few points that I think are evidence of 'progress':
  • Because information now flows quickly, easily, and 'freely', the Truth (with a capital "T") is becoming more and more difficult to conceal, by those wishing to do so.
  • Because technology now allows real-time connectedness and communication, people are becoming more 'collectively engaged' in powerful groups that can affect changes simply through their massive collective impact.
  • Because online platforms like Facebook™, Google+™, LinkedIn™, Instagram™, and similar social-networking sites are available, people are sharing and learning more and more cultural and other 'life-experiences' from online "Friends", who seem to be drawn to one another through the magic of the algorithms and other facets that match users' "virtual presence" (online profiles).
  • Because leaders of the world are "having the discussions" on many important global issues, we can be grateful the 'awareness' is not gone, even though actual inroads to progress seem always 'too slow'.
  • Because technologies continue to improve people's lives in so many ways, we can be thankful we are no longer required to "hunt and gather" in many areas of the world, and can focus more energy on other important issues.
  • Because humanity is becoming 'more educated' as a whole, it is clear that some of the barbaric and horribly ruthless practices carried out by some of history's most renowned no longer acceptable, and will be dealt with.

OK, that's enough, I think. No point in trying to list all the 'progress' we've made either, because that list, too, would certainly be too long. We HAVE made, and continue to make progress; let's promote more of that aspect of our world, shall we?

Maybe we should re-word that common phrase to something like this:

"The world is going to HEAVEN in a hand-basket!"

That way, maybe the positivity in such a phrase will eventually rub off and become 'common', and we'll learn to focus more on THAT kind of thing instead of focusing on the all the negativity, y'know?

Just sayin'...

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