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Friday, September 15, 2017

Hey Google - You Owe Me 47 Cents!

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What a strange and puzzling saga. 

It's true...Google™, or, more precisely, Google Play™ owes me 47 cents, because they mistakenly deemed my Google Play music artist account there was "abandoned", and allegedly sent the meager revenues -- which had built up after months of 'nano-penny' music-streaming subscription fees for plays and/or downloads of some of my tracks -- to my home state's escheat system. 

Imagine that!?


OK, so I know this sounds a bit weird, and you might be wondering why I would bemoan such a small thing, or why my music artist account had only gleaned a mere 47 cents and appeared as though it had been 'abandoned' to whomever was responsible for making the decision to clean up such things in the Google Play system.

So what? It's only 47 cents! Give it up already!

Ahh..."therein lies the rub"...

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