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Saturday, September 23, 2017

IS Our World Going To Hell In A Hand-Basket?

Sometimes, when we stop and think about some of the hard times and unrest and violence and suffering and despair and disease and all the rest of the 'negativity' our current world is going through, it is easy to draw some very 'negative conclusions', one of which is sometimes expressed using the fairly common phrase:
"The world is going to Hell in a hand-basket!"
If we think our current-evil-world is less than perfect, I think we can rest assured that we are right in that assessment, because we hear and see 'real-time' information about the entire world and all its troubles and woes and strains and stresses that threaten to tear us completely apart; when we really should be trying harder to become closer.

However, if we compare today's current-evil-world with what we know about how earlier humanity existed, we might want to rethink how that common phrase applies today (or doesn't), since we have made some "progress" in some arenas (IMhO).

For example...

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