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What Can Nature Tell Us About God?

God's miracles all around us is the best "religion", I believe.

Humanity is largely "ignorant and blind" about those miracles, because we're too caught up in ourselves to take much notice, usually.

When we stop to think about some of the wonders of our world, from the micro-cosm to the macro-cosm, there is little doubt (in my opinion) that it comes from a source of power we simply cannot begin to understand.

Too many unanswered questions remain for us to grasp the true dimension and true purpose for everything in existence. 

We, of course, are merely a 'pebble' in a huge sea of myriad others. We, of course, can barely see beyond our own noses.

We, of course, really have little clue about what's really going on beyond the range of our puny telescopes and other space research. We do quite well at trying to learn, but I think we're still a long way from the real Truth (with a capital "T").

It is good to remember that we are here only because some 'force' has made it so. Call that 'force' whatever you want still represents something profoundly awe-inspiring in power, intelligence, and, most of Love...that is worthy of humanity's respect and attention (IMhO). 

Just sayin'...

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