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What Is Time?

I think if we can look at "time" from the perspective of something tangible, I expect we'd learn that time is really nothing more than the process of "decay" (living and dying?). That is, we know everything in our universe is slowly, but surely, decaying, as our earth orbits our sun (which is always expending its energy -- it WILL run out) and as earth rotates on its axis and as our whole galaxy is in motion, and as so many other galaxies are in motion...and as our entire known universe is in some point, everything we know of is destined to "end" "run out of energy" "cease to be"...or so we think. 

Science tells us that everything we now know and see and touch, taste, smell, or otherwise experience all began from "nothingness", in an instant of "time". Beyond that, science is still trying to figure it out. 

They call it the "Big Bang", but they have no clue what was before that...if anything. Hmmm...

Science also tells us that our universe is "alive", in that it is constantly changing; new stars constantly being "born", old ones "dying", and galaxies dancing with one another. 

And we're learning that there are many other "planets that might possibly support life" out there.  In my (humble) opinion our universe is "rife with life", but I can't prove it, of course. 

When I think of "time", I perceive it to be simply the duration that elapses while everything we know of slowly, but surely, decays, or erodes, or decomposes, or dies, or expends itself...or however we wish to describe the process of "life", I guess. Maybe time is life itself(?).

It seems clear that time is an integral component of all existence, anyway. And as it "plays out", many and varied events occur, and we experience time's 'passage' as we measure it here in our tiny little solar system...most probably the same way other (alien) life-forms elsewhere in our Universe experience (and measure) it in their own 'solar-systems', y'know? 

"Time's up!" 

Just sayin'...

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