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Is "political correctness" replacing the truth?

Yeah, I think society IS getting hung up on "political and social correctness".

In fact, it seems as though the Truth (with a capital "T") has pretty much been replaced by political and social correctness in many venues, including our news, entertainment, even schools, workplaces, and courts.

While I'm not against the idea of trying to be kind, polite, considerate, or otherwise 'decently appropriate', I think I'd say I AM against "pretense-without-credibility"...otherwise called 'hypocrisy' and similar terms.

Let's face it; nobody is perfect; people say things without thinking about possible offenses or whether or not something is appropriate.

That doesn't necessarily mean they're trying to be offensive, and most people probably don't even realize it when they say or do something that others might find offensive, y'know?

I think much of what we're experiencing today might have something to do with the fact that people's lives are becoming open books, with so much social networking and being perpetually-in-touch with friends, family, business associates, and even with those who might not necessarily be in any of those categories, including those looking for ways to besmirch or otherwise find fault and criticize.

Perhaps we'll ultimately get tired of un-truths and outright lies, and learn to demand only the Truth (with a capital "T").

Better still, maybe we'll learn to live by such principles, y'know?

Just sayin'...

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