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Panama Papers Promise Powerful Possibilities?

So, we're hearing about "The Panama Papers", a report on data leaks that are now being 'shaken out' so the world is aware of some (alleged) things previously held 'secret'...and a lot of people involved are likely shaking a bit too, though time alone will tell how it all rolls out, of course. 

With somewhere around 11 million records or documents being 'exposed', I think we know this is a 'big deal', and it is going to ripple far and wide. 

But I wonder how a 'trusting', 'unsuspecting', 'believing' public will ultimately respond when more news breaks and more names come out and more countries are involved?

Will we collectively attempt to rush the halls of governments or corporations (etc.) in violent coups, to oust and 'punish' any who would become involved in such "inappropriate" practices? 

Will we resort to uncontrolled and dangerous revolts and protests where innocent people become caught up in mob hysteria and all sense of common decency disappears? 

Or, will we try to collectively "keep our cool" and let whatever is left of the "Justice Systems" of the world deal with it, under close scrutiny? 

Are we confident our "Justice Systems" will deal appropriately with it all? Or, are we also suspicious of even that, now that we're learning how some world leaders (allegedly) are (mis)behaving and attempting to deceive their own people?

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