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Senator Elizabeth Warren - Kudos On "Rigged Justice 2016"

Senator Warren's report describes how Corporate executives who might well be 'in the know' or otherwise involved in some of the questionable practices their companies are implicated in are not 'held accountable'.

Instead, their Corporations pay fines to the Federal coffers and 'everyone goes home happy'...except, of course, some of the "little people" who have lost their homes and perhaps much more, because of some of these things.

When the "stuff" hits the proverbial fan; when the Truth (with a capital "T") is revealed; when 'secrets' are no longer hidden; when light replaces darkness...accountability will be demanded from an angry public.

I just hope the inevitable 'revolution' will not be too ugly...positive, peaceful measures yield positive, peaceful results (IMhO).

Just sayin'...


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