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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Is The Flint Michigan Water Crisis Another Sign Of Capitalist Greed Gone Wrong?

According to news reports, the folks in charge of providing water to the Flint, MI area decided it was necessary to get potable water from a less costly source than what was being used previously.

In and of itself, that is not entirely a bad thing, and it behooves any municipality to constantly seek and implement cost saving measures for the products and services they provide.

However, with a commodity as important as household water, it is certainly the kind of decision which needs to be made with transparency, and, more importantly, with unbiased testing; in order to ensure the safety and health of those using it.  

So, as the story goes, the decision to "cut costs" ultimately ruled the day...seemingly, without much regard to some of the dialogue or discussion or meetings that might have been part of it, and regardless how many people might have had questions or doubts about the decision.

Is this kind of thing another sign of Capitalist greed gone awry?

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