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Is The Flint Michigan Water Crisis Another Sign Of Capitalist Greed Gone Wrong?

Flint, Michigan residents are going through some things that certainly are not the kinds of things anybody wants or my (humble) opinion.

Of course, the details are still emerging as to how and why this whole lead-contaminated-water dilemma occurred in the first place, and there is sure to be a lot more "fallout" than we've observed thus far. 

It occurs to me that the "authorities" must have been far more interested in saving money than in taking the steps needed to ensure public safety, else this issue would likely not have happened in the first place.

Whether or not there's a "smoking gun" in this scenario (i.e., someone was 'negligently careless' with regard to following appropriate procedures, processes and protocols, etc.), this issue promises to shine some light on just how some of these decisions are made, I'm guessing.

I believe Capitalist greed plays very big in this and other similar scenarios (see also: VW Software Cheats?), because money has become so 'idolized'. Not that the Flint, MI scenario is necessarily directly connected to investors' demands for profits, but it seems to parallel some of the mentality we can observe in the corporate sector, does it not? 

"Profits before people" used to be something most people rejected because it represents something rather sinister and otherwise lacking in compassion and 'brotherly love' and 'greater-good' thinking. 

Today, however, it seems to be much more acceptable and even considered paramount in certain circumstances (i.e., "too big to fail", etc.?). 'Profits before people' has become widespread, and I believe the Flint, MI issue is an example of that kind of thinking, and I, for one, believe it is time we all demand something more sustainable and less prone to this kind of thing. 

We must let our leaders know we DO NOT want "profits before people" to be the driving force for business (and other) practices. There HAS to be a better way, don't you agree?

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