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Kudos To Lady Gaga - Just Saying "NO"!

I suppose Lady Gaga, like so many highly popular, highly successful, highly paid, highly regarded, and otherwise highly famous, powerful and influential 'celebrities' (of many ilks), can take a stand such as this, since she is, after all, also highly-in-demand, and she should be able to call her own shots (IMhO). Besides, I don't think she needs more money, with a net worth approaching $300 million...but I could be wrong, I guess!

I wonder...will Lady Gaga become a positive force for improving some things in the industry that we all know need improving? 

Things like the blatant, in-your-face, sexually-charged, highly-suggestive, sometimes even raunchy 'dance-movements' many of the popular stars are (likely 'pressured into') performing in front of audiences of all age levels?

If Lady Gaga (and others?) began to rein-in some of these things "on their own", even in direct resistance to pressures which might be difficult to overcome, I believe our young children will be well served, going forward.

Our children are idolizing these popular stars (we, the parents, are 'allowing' them to, right?). If these popular stars truly wish to help our children become more balanced, emotionally healthier, more well-rounded, more stable, and more self-respecting adults, perhaps we can only hope there will be much more to follow, y'know?

In my (humble) opinion, of course.

Just sayin'...  

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