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Are You A "Comminatory" Individual?

So, by now, you might have guessed that "comminatory" is not a very flattering term. 

The word actually means "threatening, punitive, or vengeful". 

So, someone who is comminatory is likely to have more enemies than friends, I would expect.

Proper pronunciation of comminatory, according to Oxford Dictionaries website, is as follows:


Does that help? Again, some of these pronunciation characters are somewhat confusing to me, and I'd have to look up what they represent in order to understand them and learn the proper pronunciation according to that (the Oxford Dictionaries site does offer explanations). 

If I can be so bold, it seems the word comminatory would sound like: 


The accent is apparently on the first syllable ("kom"), according to the site's pronunciation given previously, although the sound clip at the site seems to put it on the second syllable ("min")...just a bit confusing, in my (humble) opinion.

Anyway, actual 'proper' pronunciation aside, here's hoping I can refrain from being TOO much of a comminatory individual, as it does not sound like a very appealing character trait, y'know?

Just sayin'... 

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