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I Must Admit I Was Wrong About Donald Trump!

So, how did I mis-read Donald Trump's 'ulterior motives' so drastically? 

Mostly, I'm sure it is because I am not a 'political analyst' or similarly knowledgeable expert. I am probably more of what I might call a 'political ANALyst', if you get my drift.

In other words, I seek out some of the most inane and minuscule threads and crumbs of details that I believe are 'telltale-signs' of certain things, and I sometimes misinterpret those things. 

In this case, I really didn't 'envision' Mr. Trump as our 45th President, but that was mostly due to what I thought HE might have had as HIS 'intended/expected outcome'. I don't know why I believed that, but I did.  

That said, I must say I am both pleased and anxious about the outcome of this year's election. Pleased, because I believe Donald Trump does have our country's best interests at heart; anxious, because I am not in favor of all of his plans for building walls and other 'get-tough' or isolation measures he talks about.

I would prefer to see more diplomatic measures than walls or other tough guy behavior, but if we must regress to primitive measures, I guess that's what will take place. 

Mr. Trump will likely begin to show his 'true Presidential colors' as he becomes entrenched in some of the muck and mire of the 'swamp'. 

Let's see what kind of Cabinet he builds, and how the transitional process goes, right? Who knows? Donald Trump might just be a great President, and might just be the catalyst needed to truly "Make America Great" again, y'know?

Just sayin'...


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