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Hillary, Dillary, They're Building The Stocks And Pillory!

Time and place for everything...except hatred.
Yes, it appears there are some folks who really do think Hillary Clinton has been given 'preferential treatment' of sorts, because of who she was, is, and hopes to become. Certainly, many on the GOP side, and there's lots of social media negativity being spread around as I've observed myself.

In earlier times, actual "stocks" and "pillories" were used to place people who were deemed to be 'worthy of such punishment' out in public places. They were locked into crude, primitive, even 'barbaric' devices designed to allow others to publicly shame, humiliate, throw objects (stones, garbage, etc.), and more...with the perpetrator having no means to protect against these actions and behaviors.

Are we doing something similar today? Do we drag people into the public eye just to be able to throw our 'virtual darts', our rants, our angry diatribes at all who have (allegedly) "broken some rules"?

I do not really know enough about the details surrounding the Hillary Clinton e-mail issue, and it is likely nobody really knows; except she, her lawyers, the FBI, and God. But few others have knowledge of the Truth (with a capital "T"). 

I don't feel I can throw any of those darts, even though I'm no 'fan' of Hillary Clinton. I do believe there are some questionable or otherwise strange circumstances regarding the e-mail issue (etc.), but it's still rather 'murky' and confusing to me.

But I suspect those 'stocks and pillories' will be built, and we'll likely continue to hear more and more, especially as the election gets revved up.

The movie industry couldn't create a more convoluted and 'interesting'(?) plot, in my (humble) opinion. We'll see more drama and suspense (and even horror, violence, etc.) in some of the political 'games' than in some of the hottest films out there.

Anyway, I'm going to try hard not to become 'wrapped around the axle' on this, but it does make for some strange and crazy stuff, y'know? 

Just sayin'... 

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