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Donald Trump: My Open Letter To The Soul Inside The Man

So, Mr. Trump, I continue. Yes, there is a "but" here, and it mostly has to do with some of the things you have discussed and described regarding building more walls along our borders, discrimination toward citizens and immigrants, and some of the 'bullying' tactics that seemingly go along with these and similar 'platform planks'.

You see, Donald, "bullying" is not something Americans are very fond of, as evidenced in all the efforts put toward preventing it in our schools, workplace, and more.  So, I think that's gotta go, ok?

And, as for the walls...why can't we figure out some better ways to work with our closest neighbors? Why must we resort to primitive (IMhO) measures when we know there have to be better, more mutually-beneficial measures to resolve differences?

And the discrimination thing...gee, I'm all for "vetting" folks to better know their intent for coming to America. But can we "fairly" administer such a program without offending 'innocent bystanders' who get caught up in the dragnet approach? Seems to me there would be many 'deserving folks' hurt unfairly by such a program.

Anyway, I guess that's enough for the time being.

I sure hope we can learn how to become less violent, less bullying, and more compassionate, more generous, and more loving...because, after all, America was founded (partly) on "brotherly love", right?

Just sayin'...

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