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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Have You Ever Had A "Cacoethes"?

There are times when we all experience "cacoethes", in my (humble) opinion. Indeed, even the thing I have chosen to do in this particular blog post here at "Just Saying My Piece!" is, perhaps, an example of a cacoethes of sorts. 

I have decided that some of the words I have been writing about lately should probably be accompanied by at least some means of help with the pronunciation of them, since some of them are not what I would call 'readily-pronounceable' without some help, y'know?

Even this word, "cacoethes", is one which is not 'readily-pronounceable' for me, though I'm not just sure why that is. My first attempt to pronounce it would probably be something like: "kaa-ko-ee'-this" (hmmm...hopefully, that's pronounceable! - here we go!).

So, it's sometimes difficult to pick up the 'phonetics' of some words, thus, my decision to do more about pronunciation in some of these "weird word" blog posts of mine...which, as you'll (hopefully) see, is one example of what 'cacoethes' actually means.

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