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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mental Illness - Time To Pay More Attention

Recent tragic events in Oregon have reopened other similar wounds that have not yet healed. We are experiencing too many 'out-of-the-ordinary' (to say the least) scenarios these days, and there HAS TO BE an explanation (IMhO).

Some people seem to be suffering in silence with troublesome 'mental illness' which sometimes drives them to engage in unacceptable behaviors.

While there is no 'excuse' for killing innocent people, some of the people that have carried out some of these things have shown certain signs or symptoms which could have been identified as 'needing further review', and, if that had been done, some tragedies might have been prevented. does an individual who struggles with such difficult mental or emotional hangups, or issues, or 'different-brain-wiring' go about seeking appropriate help without fear of shame, guilt, ridicule, insults, labels, or other forms of incriminating public and private negativity?

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