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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Do You Think of Yourself as "Argute"?

Are you "argute"? I like to think I am, but I know I am surely not always 'argute', I'm afraid.

Well, I might be on a roll here with the word kicks, because I find that my brain seems to like "weird words" for some reason. 

When our children were still home, we used to play various word games like Scrabble™, Boggle™, Balderdash™, and others.

Balderdash™ is a fun game that capitalizes on weird words. There's literally hundreds of cards with weird words, and the object is to try to bluff other players by creating your own definitions for the words. Of course, when they are read aloud during the game play, there's much laughter and a high level of giddiness.

So, I began looking into some more "weird words", and came across the word "argute", which is a word I seldom (if ever) hear, let alone use in conversation or written works.

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