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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Is The Volkswagen™ Software Thing Just One Of Many Similar Things?

Well, most likely everyone's heard about how Volkswagen™ was caught in a rather embarrassing and certainly 'shady' kind of issue with the alleged software 'cheats' designed to make some VW (diesel) vehicles appear better than they really are, when it comes to emissions tests. 

Apparently, the software somehow allows for the vehicles to pass (US) 'laboratory tests', but Nitrous Oxide (NOx) emissions are said to be about 40 times higher when driving on the road. 
Wikipedia - Volkswagen Scandal.

This issue is still 'pending', as far as the fallout and all that VW will likely face because of it, but the whole idea of using software to 'tweak' certain functionality within products is an idea that is perhaps far too tempting for companies (or "rogue employees"?) NOT to have thought about, or even to have done the same thing, y'know?

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