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Fake News? What About Fake Everything?

If we really think about it, we can easily become rather frustrated, disappointed, depressed, and even 'insulted' know just how rampant "fakeness" has become, and how 'duped' we are with it all. 

For example:
  • How long have we tolerated outright lies in advertisements of products, services, and other items we want or need? 
  • How long have we allowed our elected officials to make "idle promises" with little or no intentions of actually fulfilling them? 
  • How long have we accepted the many "untruths" we're given in our everyday news reports?
  • How long have we dealt with inequalities and injustices in many facets of life because of "fake information" fed to us via "the propaganda machine"?
  • How long have we pretended we don't know our own government is robbing us blind under various "fake" guises and programs?
  • How long have we simply 'looked the other way' and 'shrugged it off' when we learn of corporate corruption and even government collusion?
  • How long can this kind of 'fake society' be sustained?
We're living today in a "fake-is-ok" culture in many ways. Lying, cheating, deceiving, and otherwise "faking" things has somehow become far more prevalent, and I think most of us have come to 'expect' some "fakeness" in just about everything we experience...that is, of course, except those things which are impossible to "fake". 

"Fakeness" is everywhere, it is ubiquitous, it is mainstream, it is...unfortunately...becoming the "new normal". 

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I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that I am doubtful that the faking things mentality will change any time soon, since we've become so dependent upon its ability to make us look, feel, and even behave as though things were "A-OK", when they really are not.

I'll also go out on a limb and say that I am convinced that the biggest single factor that is behind the idea of allowing "fakeness" is that we continue to toss God and much of the "Godly attributes" (like 'brotherly love'?) out of our culture.   

  • Honesty? 
    • Why? 
      • Who really cares? 
      • Are there any real consequences for 'dis-honesty' if one can get away with it? 
  • Integrity? 
    • Why? 
  • "Greater-good"? 
    • For what purpose? 
  • Kindness? 
  • Forgiveness? 
  • Tolerance? 
  • 'Brotherly love'? 
Nah! Those are all "old-fashioned" concepts, not for 'free-thinking' modern folks, right?

And, out on just one more (small) limb; relating to my own blog, right here. I use Google's Adsense™ here, and there are some limitations as to what I can choose to allow or disallow. 

Certain categories I have 'allowed' might be guilty of what I am calling out here in my blog pages..."faking" or overly embellishing things to make the most profits...without a sense of 'exploitation', and knowing their ads are not necessarily True (with a capital "T").

I recall hearing Rush Limbaugh (back in the 80's or 90's I think) say that he blamed the removal of God from our schools (etc.) for much of the unraveling of our 'social mores'.

Part of the irony is that many, if not most of our current laws are based on many of the tenets, principles, dogmas, doctrines, and attitudes which were part of what was once considered "God's Words" (i.e., Scriptures), which had ultimate authority, of course. 

Now, as we remove God (and "Godliness") from the picture, it seems we're wanting to still use His Laws (and the "Godly behaviors" instructed within them), although we dare not make any 'connections' to them as being His Laws, right? 
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Anyway, I don't know if Facebook™ (et al.) can have enough clout to make a lasting, positive impact toward reversing the overall culture of society, but I guess it is a step in the right direction, anyway, y'know?

Just sayin'...   

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