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Friday, January 15, 2016

So, What's Up With All The "Shocking News" Headline Hype, Anyway?

I spend a fair amount of time online, as I surf about in search of new information and knowledge, current news, trending topics, technological advances, and numerous other things which I find interesting, exciting, educational, and otherwise good for filling my seemingly insatiable 'sponge-like' penchant for information, entertainment, and just plain "BRAIN FODDER".

OK, that said, it's clear that I see many and varied websites with many and varied strategies and approaches at work, which, I assume, are designed to get visitors to "stick around and click around", so the site will benefit from whatever is behind those clicks (i.e., ad revenue, etc.?).

What's UP with all the "shocking news" hype being used in some article headlines/titles? Is it solely to lure visitors?

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