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Who decides what is RIGHT and WRONG?

This article arose from a Google Plus™ posting that displayed a poster that read:

"There is no God! There is no Sin! There is 'Right' and 'Wrong' as determined by socially evolved standards and definitions".

I take exception with this whole idea, because I believe there IS a RIGHT and a WRONG way for humanity to behave...regardless of how society decides to go.

What is really "RIGHT" or "WRONG" in the grand scheme? Or does it not matter?

If not, perhaps people who are "forward thinking" and understand that society will ultimately 'evolve' to accept certain things...why not do them now? After all, they are not "wrong"...only "ahead of their time" in the way they think about things.

Hmmm...dunno...but I doubt there are any humans alive with enough true wisdom to be able to discern what is truthfully RIGHT and WRONG; yes, with capital represent the concept that there IS a real RIGHT and a real WRONG way for humanity to behave...regardless of how societies might evolve and change ideas over time...(IMhO).

Some have posited that "the truth is whatever people will believe" (or something like that). I disagree with that, because I am convinced there is always a "real Truth" (with a capital "T"). I believe there are some things that are unquestionably "Truths". Things like Physics, Science, Chemistry, Math, Evolution, Quantum Mechanics, Particles, Atoms, Gravity, Life, Death, Space, Time, Consciousness, etc., etc.) other words the Natural Laws which have brought all things into existence, and continue to govern all things.

These "forces" (Natural Laws) operate autonomously, yet are synergistic in their influence, association, and congruence with each other. They perform without deception, without discrimination, without any of humanity's wayward thinking...and they accomplish what it is they are supposed to do.

And, perhaps the most REAL TRUTH of all is that of TRUE LOVE. The kind of Love that can only come from an all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-caring "force" (thought of as "God" and many other names) that is in ultimate control of everything.

We know Love exists, because we can experience it. Do we know how powerful Love can be?

We know hate also exists, because we can also experience that. Do we know how powerful hate can be?

Which would we consider "RIGHT", and which would we consider "WRONG"? Is hatred EVER OK? Is love ever NOT OK?

Or, are they both RIGHT and WRONG, depending only upon how a given society, at a given time happens to view them?

Humanity is the only species (that I know of) which has the capacity to choose to resist some of the Natural Laws (those things representing real Truths). Unfortunately, I don't think that capability is always appropriately applied; but that's just MY (humble) opinion, y'know?

Just sayin'...

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