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Panama Papers Promise Powerful Possibilities?

Just a mention, too, of Senator ElizabethWarren's (D-MA) January, 2016 report, "Rigged Justice 2016", which
tells of numerous cases where corporate executives have "slipped" through a number of proceedings and hearings with little or no personal accountability, largely due to weak or missing enforcement.

We must allow whatever 'Justice' is available to work out these things, since violence cannot undo or change what has been done, nor does violence promise anything, except more violence. 

We must also 'protest', but we must keep it civil and meaningful and peaceful...else it will be no more "appropriate" than what is being protested, and positive change can only come from positive approaches, in my (humble) opinion.

We can begin to stand together in a "strength of consciousness" as we spread the word across the available platforms the Internet offers.  

We can learn how to 'become one force' on an elevated level of awareness and consciousness, which will enlighten and empower us to tap into the benevolent Forces of the Universe, the source of all power and all Love.

Because, in my (humble) opinion, Love is the best and only answer...always.  

Just sayin'... 

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