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President Trump's First Speech To Congress - How GREAT Was It?

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So, as President Trump was delivering his first speech before a joint session of Congress, I was jotting down what I thought were some of the "highlights".

I'll attempt to comment on at least some of those highlights here, in an effort to help ME better understand how they might help Make America Great Again™, and perhaps help some other folks, too.
Before I begin listing my 'highlights', I want to also mention a few things I was somewhat "shocked" by, as I watched the video clip. 

First, the waiting game...the whole room was "atwitter" (not related to Twitter™, though they were likely there, too), as the politicians "schmoozed" one another, and otherwise did what politicians do while they're waiting for things get under way.

I happened to notice one of the politicians (I believe a GOP) who blew his nose into a tissue or handkerchief, and placed that into his pocket. Shortly afterward, President Trump walked through, and this gentleman reached out and shook his hand...yes, the same hand. It happens, right?
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Hmmm...ok, maybe I'm the only one who noticed, but something about the whole scenario of all those people milling about, waiting, schmoozing, waiting, schmoozing, waiting, schmoozing...AND, spreading so many "handshake-germs" throughout it all.

Oh well! Maybe that's the best "sharing" some of these folks can manage at times, eh?

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