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Amphibology - Political Correctness, Double-speak, Fakeness, or Everyday Lingo?

So, just what is "amphibology"?

Well, it is NOT the study of amphibians, in spite of how it sounds! And it is NOT even related to amphibians...well, not exactly, that is. 

Some might say there is a 'mysterious connection'; we'll see.

Actually, the word "amphibology" is defined as follows (from Oxford Living Dictionaries -
"A phrase or sentence that is grammatically ambiguous, such as 'She sees more of her children than her husband'."
OK, now it's beginning to make some sense. Now, it's becoming clearer what the title of this posting is about, as well as the 'conveniently fitting' graphics included. 


  • Is it perhaps what some of our political candidates practice when campaigning for elections?
  • Is it perhaps what some actual leaders practice to 'pacify' or 'appease' or even 'confuse' the public?
  • Is it perhaps what some news outlets use to elevate mystique and boost ratings?
  • Is it perhaps what some "trusted institutions" (mega-corporations, charitable foundations, government agencies, programs, etc.) practice in order to attempt explanations of 'inappropriate' or otherwise questionable goings-on within their organizations?
  • Is it perhaps what MOST OF US practice when we are trying to 'save-face' or otherwise protect ourselves from undue criticisms, insults, and the like?
This list could go on, of course; but I think the point is made...I hope it is, anyway. I guess it all comes down to an "everyday lingo" thing, this "amphibology", y'know? 

It seems to fit many scenarios and circumstances we all might experience at times; and it somehow sounds more tolerable than saying we're lying, or twisting the truth, or covering something up, or other similar negatively-perceived terms that mean almost the same thing, but not quite, eh?

So...did I just use any "amphibology" here in this posting? Surely, I I sometimes do...albeit not always intentionally, of course.

You might have noticed some of the graphics used are examples of amphibology.

"Tomorrow's Yesterday's Today" is an example of amphibology, I think...because it can be interpreted more than one way, depending on how the 'apostrophes' are used (possessive or contraction)...but only one way makes real sense, right? 

Likewise with "Today's Yesterday's Tomorrow". 

And, I think there are some other examples of amphibology within this posting, too; but I'll let you decide on that, ok?

Alright...what about that reference to 'amphibians'? Well, I guess my thinking on that in regard to this particular term, amphibology, is this:

Amphibians are capable of living in water and on land; that is, they are 'versatile' and 'adaptive' in ways that not all species are capable of.

Amphibology is capable of carrying 'versatile' and 'adaptive' interpretations in a weirdly similar way, no? 

Ok, it's a bit weak, but hey, it's kinda close, right?

Just sayin'...(or AM I "amphibologizing"? - [not sure that's even a word, but...]
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