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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Should Hollywood be making films about assassinations of World Leaders?

Hoo-boy!  This whole hack on Sony™ has a lot of folks upset...on all sides of the issue.  Americans (many, if not most) don't think the movie should have been pulled by Sony™, because that makes it look as though America has 'backed-down' from threats from 'terrorists' (et al.).

Of course, it really all just depends on which angle we're looking at the issue from, I would surmise.  I am not sure what Americans might think if another (enemy) country made their own version of a movie which depicted a satirical, comedic story line on assassinating President Obama.

I know some of America's 'enemies' blatantly and routinely do things which depict their obvious dislike for America within their own culture, and I must say that it "offends" me at times...simply because I know their views of my country are completely inaccurate and 'unfair'.

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